In accordance to our paperless office we are pleased to offer a paperless workflow with you. Provided we are pleased to provided encrypted electronic files.

We provide respective documents encrypted in any file size and possible format. Of course, you can provide us also with various file formats for example for the preparation of tax filings, bookkeeping activities. Due to the electronic workflow it is fast, easy and cheap in archiving documents. To the extend we prepare the tax returns, tax filings, GAAP and / or tax bookkeeping as well as other filings we can offer so provide our electronic files including the relevant reference documents. Documents or tax filings can be found in a short time period on the electronic file system (no time to request paper work from an archive).

We can held audio and video conferences. During the preparation it is possible to share the documents for a better understanding.

Please let us know, in which format we can deliver to you our work e.g. optimized for your mobile device. Furthermore, we are pleased to give access on our archive of your documents. That give you an full transparency and you do not need to administrate your own archive. We use a secured data-room during projects.

Online tax advice – yes, we are used to advice over various communication channels e.g. email, SMS, telephone etc. For your convenience we are pleased to prepare minutes of our advice for avoidance of any doubts.