Close to acquire or to expand an ERP-system? We help by choosing the ERP-system for your business. This includes the analysis of the necessary hard- and software environment. The costs of a new ERP-system are the key driver, but also the additional cost like the hardware can be cost intensive. Furthermore, the training of the employees as well as the transfer of data from the current system has to be respected by the planning.

Hence, the decision should be carefully planned and observed. In some cases the current ERP-system can be adjusted to reach the goal. We are pleased to assist by the respective planning.

In addition we are pleased to assist by valuation the ERP-system of an possible target by the acquisition of an entity.

In the case that a bookkeeping ERP system is used and has individual adjustments, they should be reviewed. We are also pleased to assist by reviewing the bookkeeping system e.g. if the VAT codes lead to correct VAT treatments.

Due to unsecure data material consequences could arise. We help to avoid such consequences.