To strange the competitiveness are taxes a key driver. But, also other key drivers should be observed. Also the cash-flow as well as e.g. the revenues, cost-effectiveness should be taken into account.

The business reporting based on the GAAP bookkeeping could be a starting point. The GAAP (or tax) bookkeeping activities have not the goal to control the business.

Hence, the cost accounting is very important to control the business. Business decisions can be based on the cost accounting results.

Together we plan your business. That could be based on a performance comparison. The business plan is not only focusing on revenues and costs. We can determine the break-even-point. The business plan can be compared with the reports according the bookkeeping. The goal is always to keep the full picture – We keep also a view on the private financials e.g. investing, accumulation of capital.


Regardless the analyse of the complete business we can assist by the analysis of other business decisions, for example acquiring of an asset e.g. machinery, real estate or securities.

Please contact us to carve out possible business opportunities.