According to our experience tax field audits are more focusing on transfer pricing aspects. Depending on various circumstances i.e. the annual revenues of an entity, tax authorities can request in a short time frame a transfer pricing documentation. Ideally the transfer pricing documentation has been prepared on a day to day basis. Given to specific requirements regarding the documentation for the respective jurisdictions, the know-how for the preparation of the documentation is necessary in various jurisdictions. The consequences of an transfer pricing documentation which is not complied with the requirements for tax purposes could be significant.

In specific cased i.e. relocation of functions an extraordinary documentation has to be prepared as well as the tax consequences to be analysed.

We are pleased to assist by preparing transfer pricing documents. In addition we would be pleased to assist by implementing ERP based systems for the preparation of respective documentation. Of course, we would be also pleased to assist by benchmark studies or by implementing global transfer pricing systems.