You are planning to establish or buy a company? We support your success to find possible benefits or by illustrating possible structures and the respective impacts. We also take social security obligations or trade tax aspects into account.
We assist by preparing a steps-plan that the enterprise lead to the desired success. Of course, we would be pleased to assist during to reach the milestones.

Together we expand your vision to a success story.

Transferring a successful business for your starting point.

You are already successful in doing business and want to transfer it? We help to manage it.


We are pleased to assist by preparing a detailed steps-plan. During the process to transfer a (family) business various questions arise e.g. law of succession, labour law, civil law obligations.
Depending on the current business the transfer can be a cut to the ongoing business. It is a tightrope walk between managing and transferring the responsibility of the business. Together we work on alternatives and possible solutions.