Together we are planning the future. The planning are based on the individual circumstances of the enterprise. Various possibilities can be relevant e.g. establishment of a permanent establishment or a company (corporation or / and partnership), extend the business, reorganization.

We would be pleased to structure the business activities in a tax efficient way.

It is essential to avoid tax consequences to the extend it is possible.
(e.g. in the case of possible tax neutral reorganisations)

Multinationals as well as global operating companies have in various countries entities or branches. From case to case a double taxation is possible. Hence, the tax burden due to double taxation has to be analysed and subsequent to the possible extend to be avoided. Depending on the business and the management decision it can be possible to use a (more) tax efficient structure e.g. by using a tax optimized structure.

Indirect taxes e.g. value added tax (VAT) can lead to significant tax implications in particular if the tax treatment was initially not correct.

Numerous areas of implications exists and therefore we would be pleased to advice by starting the respective business.

We are familiar by implementing tax efficient structures or by reorganisations. In addition we are familiar by advising merger and acquisition transactions and the respective acquisition or purchase structure.

Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.